Crimea dolmens play a special role in the movement of energies reflecting the development of the planet. Being in the sacred place of the planet - in Crimea, they close the separation along the Dnieper River of the interaction of material energies on the western side and spiritual energies on the eastern side, thereby balancing the complex of energies bringing the planet and people into harmony. If we imagine the planet in the form of an organism, then Crimea is an image of the appendix responsible for the accumulation of psychic energy produced by the planet and people, as well as the balanced distribution of this energy in the right and left hemispheres of our planet in accordance with its purpose. In the past millennia, harmony has been disrupted towards material energies and now it is time to restore the balance of the complex of energies in each of us and on the planet through contact with the spirits of dolmens. Interaction with the collective mind of the Crimean dolmens builds a chain of knowledge allowing, on a spiritual and material level, to achieve certain knowledge and skills that contribute to the harmonization of universal energies in themselves and their projection in the universe.

Dolmens are peculiar acoustic cavities that transmit ultrasonic pulses of a certain frequency into space at certain times of the day. The strongest radiation comes from these megaliths in the predawn time, as well as on the days of the equinoxes. Moreover, dolmens can not only generate ultrasound, but also direct it into space through a round hole in its front.