Autonomous log house

The house was created to make dreams of living in an environmentally friendly and natural home a reality. In this case, the task was to build the most economical and with a minimum of waste. Therefore, the timber was prepared according to the principle of permaculture within a radius of 30 km, all the wooden parts — timber, logs, rafters — were made on the sawmill, and even a fence was made from the remains.

The construction technology is quite simple - a calibrated beam is laid one after another, a flax insulation tape is laid out between them, a linseed caulk is struck from the outside, and then oiled with linseed oil with natural beeswax. Thanks to the quick laying and oiling of the timber, the life of the house can be more than 100 years. Inside, the walls were also oiled with linseed oil with wax and natural dye from the German company Remers. The joints of the timber, so that they would not blow out and do not leak water, were isolated by natural rubber of the German company Remers.

The floor was wooden, insulated with expanded clay and treated with varnish on a linen basis with wax and natural dye from the German company Remers. The windows were installed wooden to the floor with double-glazed windows, insulated shutters were installed outside. Therefore if on a cold winter night them
lower it will be much warmer in the house. The door was also installed wooden with single-chamber double-glazed windows and insulated shutters.

The roof design is chosen in the style of a Japanese sword, curved by a beautiful smooth line. The material for the roof is selected non-standard - reeds. The choice fell on him because of his
unique properties - 100% naturalness, long wear resistance, long-lasting beauty. The reeds were brought sea, soaked with salt, he serves much longer. The reed roof is crowned with a skate from a thermal board. The service life is about 90 years. The second floor is wind and soundproofed with natural cork, then with jute-linen tarpaulin insulation and finished on top with an oiled fragrant pine lining.

A brick fireplace stove with German refractory glass is Arkaimovskaya: it is connected by a hundredth pipe underground with a well, which increases the combustion temperature in winter, and in the summer it works as an air conditioner, driving cool air (+7 degrees) from the well. An underground pipe with a fan was drawn from the stove to the bathroom to provide additional heating for the room.

An ecosan toilet is installed in the bathroom, which allows you to separate liquid waste into the sewer, and solid into the tanks, and then after composting it into the garden.

The electrification of the house is autonomous, provided on solar panels with a capacity of up to 3 kW. Water is pumped to the second floor in a steel water tank, which is embedded in the furnace. Thus, in winter, water is heated in a place with a furnace, and when necessary, when the crane is turned on, it flows by gravity from the second floor. In this house you can live almost independently and house maintenance is minimal. And breathing easily!