Growing evergreen thuja, cedar and cypress from seeds

Perhaps you should start with the main thing - love of trees. For having love and inspiration, you can with great pleasure and patience do this annual cycle of preparation and cultivation!

In autumn, you can go on a trip to Crimea, Sochi, where on the coast and in the Botanical Garden you can collect cones of evergreen thuja, cypress and cedar from branches in October. Perhaps in the parks of your city there may be these trees.

After a month you need to put cones on the windowsill on the south side, so that the cones open and dry. Next, we get the seeds from each type of cones, for this it is convenient to use the handle of a teaspoon and sort the seeds into separate paper bags. I recommend signing the name of the tree and the year of collection. The remains of cones can be used for aromatherapy)

Seed bags must be stratified from December to May in the refrigerator in the upper chamber at a temperature of 1-5 degrees. Then in early May, when it is very sunny, we prepare the soil 50% of sand and 50% of the earth in pots or boxes 20 cm deep. We begin planting in the soil to a depth of 1-2 cm. Gently pour a small amount of water so as not to destroy the top layer of soil every 2-3 days, as soon as the ground on the surface becomes dry. Usually, germination starts after 1-2 weeks in a percentage of 70-80% of germination.

The first year, seedlings grow without transplanting. They withstand temperatures in winter of minus 15 degrees. Therefore, I recommend that in winter, cover the pots with a transparent film and set them on the south side, closing them from the north and west from the wind.

In the second year, seedlings can be planted in the spring one at a time in separate pots 30-40 cm deep. The soil can be made sandy by 10-30 percent. When transplanted, thuja and cypress adapt to 95 percent. But cedars are less whimsical, so it is better to plant them immediately in groups of 1-3 seeds and transplant for 3 years.

An adult sapling of thuja and cypress at the age of 3 years can be transplanted to the site. Tui are more frost-resistant and can withstand up to minus 30 degrees. And cypresses are up to minus 20, so it is better to plant them on the south side with the sides closed from the north and west from the winds. Crohn adult thuja reaches 3 meters, and cypress 1-2 meters. Therefore, plan a landing based on these sizes.

When the trees grow, they will delight you with gratitude for their beautiful views and the smell of ethers.