Initially, a natural reservoir with a depth of 4 meters was planned. But after 3 years of operation, it turned out that he does not hold water. Because Clay at the very bottom of the bottom with lots of stones that let water through. This is apparently due to the proximity of the river at 2 meters.

Therefore, it was decided for 3 years to put a pond film and agrofiber at the base. Preliminarily reducing the depth of the pond to 2 meters and a water mirror area of ​​200 m2. The film was fixed around the edges with stones for reliability and aesthetic appearance.

2 creeping junipers were planted on the western side and an alpine hill was built between them. On the south side of the terrace, the difference in height of the pond was up to 1 meter, so it was decided to strengthen the slope with decorative motley blue-white grass, plant 3 creeping junipers and make 2 flower beds with flowers for harmony)

The reservoir is constantly replenished with a pump from the river, and excess water flows through the pipe back into the river. Thus, the water is clean and clear. In addition to the Alpine slide, a home underground water supply has been added to insure that the water in the pond is filled.

31 goldfish of orange and black colors were launched into the pond. They hibernate well on their own and do not need additional nutrition. Now it remains to install solar bulbs in the ground along the circumference of the pond and contemplate in the evenings!