Power movement (Shakti Chalana)

Who cleansed his mind and directed life energy from the first energy center up to the ninth energy center is a real spiritual practice.

When the dirt clogging the channel passing through the energy centers up is completely removed and the vital air is directed up, then the vital energy in the lower part of our body below the navel rises, reducing the anus.

After the vital energy in the lower part of our body below the navel, rising, mixes with the third energy center of fire, and they quickly go to the abode of vital energy located in the chest and penetrating us from the universe. There, these two vital energies are combined and sent to energy, rolled up in three and a half turns at the base of the spine of the first energy center, which sleeps, curled into rings.

Heated by a fire energy center 3 and disturbed by air centers 4, 5 and 6, the sleeping energy at the base of the spine of the first energy center of the ring penetrates the mouth of the channel, which goes up through the energy centers.

Sleeping energy at the base of the spine of the first energy center passes through the node of the physical body in the first energy center.
Then this energy passes through the node of the mental body from the second to the sixth energy centers and enters the heart. Then it passes through the node of the spiritual body from the seventh to the eighth energy centers and enters the point between the eyebrows.

After passing through this point, sleeping energy rises to the ninth energy center. Excited sleeping energy is directed upward, and nectar begins to flow more intensely.
As a result of swallowing this nectar, you are disconnected from all sensual pleasures. Having tasted this nectar, you are completely immersed in a state of absolute consciousness. You find the basis in yourself, enjoy this higher state and attain peace.
Sleeping vital energy already discards eight forms of primary matter: earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intellect and ego.

The vital energy located in the chest flows in all things, large and small, described and indescribable. The breath also dissolves. Being born together from one quality, the vital energies in the lower part of our body below the navel and in the chest dissolve in the ninth energy center. Having reached equilibrium, they no longer move either up or down. Then bliss begins with the outwardly expanded vital energy in the chest in the form of weakened elements or simply memories of them. The mind is reduced to weak impressions, and speech remains only in the form of memories. The body reaches a very subtle, pure state and casts off an unclean carnal state.


  • Choose the right pose:

- sit on the floor and put the heel of the left foot under the anus, so that it firmly pressed on the crotch
- put the right foot on the left so that the genitals are between the feet, and the right heel is near the pubic bone
- the toes of both feet should be fixed between the calves and thighs
- men should carefully watch that pressure on the genitals does not cause pain, the back should be straight

  • Keep your eyes closed throughout your practice.
  • Inhale slowly and deeply through the right nostril, concentrating on the compression area.
  • Holding your breath, lower your head, leaving your spine straight.
  • Slowly exhale through the left nostril upwards and squeeze the pelvic space as tightly as possible and make its contents move upward.
  • Pulling the abdomen, move the rectus abdominis muscles in a circle, clockwise, left to right, then back to the left and again in a circle to the right and doing from 9 to 108 rotations, adding gradually.
  • Only after the head rises should a very slow breath be taken. This is one exercise. Do from 9 to 108 cycles.
  • Practice awakens a person’s physical energy at the base of the spine, causing it to move up. To do this, we need to make the vital energy located in the chest and permeating us with the universe move down, connecting in the navel region with the energy in the lower part of our body below the navel, lifting it up to the navel region.
  • Performing this practice defeats passion and allows you to save the seed, directing it and sexual energy up.

In men, unused seed is transformed into life force, gross sexual energy - into the subtle energy of creativity. Thanks to practice, women do not lose energy during menstruation, but accumulate it in the subtlest life force.