• Autonomous log house

This house was created to make dreams of living in an eco-friendly and natural home come true. At the same time, the task was to build as economically as possible and with a minimum of waste. Therefore, the timber was harvested according to the principle of permaculture within a radius of 30 km, all wooden parts were made on the sawmill - timber, logs, rafters, and even a fence was made from the remains.

  • Holzer cellar

The cellar is approximately 2 by 3 meters. Inscribed into the slope at an angle of 30 degrees. Made of brick grade 120 with waterproofing on a concrete foundation. Double ventilation is provided.

  • Decorative retaining wall-hill

On the back side of the house, the ground level rose by about a meter, and so that the soil would not slide onto the house during the rain, it was decided to make a decorative retaining wall-hill.

  • Gazebo transformer

Everything was built with simple and affordable materials, mostly wooden planks and reeds. This option is good because it can be quickly built with minimal investment.

Consultation from 50 s.