Wall painting - author's design in reconstruction and construction
The technology of the project has been chosen to be relatively environmentally friendly, because had to be built into an existing building. But the main priority in construction was the idea to embody the author's design in the interior decoration. The photographs show various murals and designer plaster finishes made by hand. 

On the western side, 2 creeping junipers were planted and an alpine slide was built between them. On the south side, near the terrace, the height difference of the reservoir was up to 1 meter, so it was decided to strengthen the slope with evergreen decorative motley white and blue grass, plant 3 creeping junipers and make 2 flower beds for harmony. 

Growing evergreen thujas, cedars and cypresses from seeds.
Perhaps we should start with the main thing - love for trees. For with love and inspiration, you can go through this annual cycle of preparation with great pleasure and patience. In the fall, you can go on a trip to Crimea or Sochi, where on the coast or in the Botanical Garden it is necessary to collect cones of evergreen thuja, cypress and cedar trees from the branches in October. 

Why and how to do shaft sampling
Among the many advantages of such a shaft, you can add a disadvantage, for example, if animals (cows, sheep, chickens) can climb onto your site, then their shaft will not stop! And it is better to make a small fence on top. But since this was of little importance to us, we were quite satisfied with our intake. 

How to create a beautiful, long-blooming and fragrant flower bed.
If you love flowers, then when you have a plot you want to plant it with all sorts of beautiful flowers, and so that they please your eyes and nose all summer. ? But when you start planting flowers, you realize that you seem to have bought a lot of bulbs, seeds, tubers and cuttings with flowers, but still it seems that there are very few of them on the site. 

Autonomous house. Water. Author's design. List of walls. Valozabor. Flower beds. Organic farming. Alternative sources of energy saving. Site selection and building material. Estimate. More than 10 years of experience. 7 eco-houses were built from shell rock, calibrated timber, aerated concrete, ceramic block, adobe brick, reinforced concrete. As well as 10 hydro projects with the expansion of river beds, strengthening of coastlines and the creation of ponds and waterfalls.

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