Passive house made of shell and almin stone
A place was chosen at the highest point of 156 m above sea level with a view of the Ai Petri Mountain Observatory of the South Coast of the Crimea. There is a juniper and pine forest 150 meters away. 

The beauty and practicality of stone beds
Such beds are really practical and durable, because the beds fenced with wooden boards begin to rot after a couple of years, although they look beautiful. And slate breaks easily, metal rusts and you can cut yourself on it, plastic fences are expensive and harmful to the environment. .

Autonomous house. Water. Author's design. List of walls. Valozabor. Flower beds. Organic farming. Alternative sources of energy saving. Site selection and building material. Estimate. More than 10 years of experience. 7 eco-houses were built from shell rock, calibrated timber, aerated concrete, ceramic block, adobe brick, reinforced concrete. As well as 10 hydro projects with the expansion of river beds, strengthening of coastlines and the creation of ponds and waterfalls.

Consultation from 50 s.