Gazebo transformer

If you want to have a minimum of outbuildings on the site, which sometimes clutter up the site so that there is nowhere to plant flowers, then you will be interested in this article. The space should be used as efficiently as possible and at the same time simple. To accomplish this, you can combine the seemingly incompatible, in our case it will be a gazebo, an outdoor shower, a room for households. inventory and greenhouse.

Everything was built with simple and affordable materials, mostly wooden planks and reeds. This option is good because it can be quickly built with minimal investment. So, for example, the columns of our gazebo were made of wooden trunks, on which even some branches were left for decoration, on which things were later hung if it was, for example, hot. Roof and western wall made of reed mats and 5 cm thick boards.

So, we took a resting place as a basis, choosing a flat and comfortable area, we concreted the pillars, built a frame and sheathed it with a board, and the doors with clapboard. The summer shower door opens into the gazebo, because it is so nice to lie down after a shower and contemplate nature. Since there is a lot of water left after a shower, which usually just drains away, we decided to use it as well. Therefore, when someone is washing (without chemical hygiene products), water accumulates behind the wall of the gazebo in a large tank, and then filtered through drip irrigation water the plants in the greenhouse, attached to the rear southern wall of the greenhouse. The greenhouse is deepened one meter into the ground for thermal insulation, so water easily flows down to the plants if necessary.

To the side of the gazebo there is a room for tools for the garden and vegetable garden, the door to which is on the side and therefore does not interfere with those who are resting in the gazebo. On the western side, the gazebo is closed so that the sun overheats it in the evening and does not blow in the western winds, which most often blow from that side. So that it would be nice to be in the gazebo, it was planted with climbing plants, which very much adorned it. Therefore, if you also want to quickly and easily equip the same space, then you see that it is not difficult to do this, and if you start in early spring, then in the summer you will have a multifunctional building that will be not only practical, but also aesthetic! I wish you success in the improvement of your site!