Decorative retaining wall-hill

When it comes to construction on a site, many different questions arise, for example, how to make something practical also beautiful. Otherwise, it often happens that everything is fine on the site, and some kind of barrel and structure spoils the whole view. So we got the opportunity to show our imagination. When we decided to put a wooden blockhouse on the site, we chose the flattest place in the lowland, since the rest of the site fell on a slope of 30 degrees and there would have been a lot of earthworks. On the back side of the house, the ground level rose by about a meter, and so that the soil would not slide onto the house during the rain, it was decided to make a decorative retaining wall-hill. Without thinking twice, we stopped at the option of a retaining wall-hill, which will be planted with ornamental plants, between which stones will be located halfway in the ground, for greater soil stabilization. To begin with, we correctly distributed the land behind the log house in a beautiful arc, which, closer to the edges, decreased and became narrower. Then we dug large granite stones into the ground, and only then began my favorite pastime - planting plants. For planting, 10 beautiful creeping junipers were selected, flowers - early flowering primroses, lilies, veronica, periwinkle, rezuha, chrysanthemums and others. As a result, it turned out that from early spring to autumn, this retaining hill-wall looked elegantly in flowers and greenery. And even if I did not have time to remove weeds, such as canadian small petals, mullein, tar, they did not spoil this composition. Although, of course, they had to be removed so as not to interfere with the growth of cultivated plants. From time to time, I watered and fertilized plants with natural fertilizers so that their roots would grow better, which are very important for strengthening the soil. So, this retaining hill wall perfectly coped with the task assigned to it, and even when there were heavy rains in spring and autumn, the earth did not slide. And in winter, the plants kept the snow perfectly, preventing it from accumulating against the back wall. And what is important for me, this wall-hill has become a large flower bed, which adorned the frame from the back. That is how, inexpensively and with little effort, we protected the walls of the log house, and decorated the site. As they say, they have combined the practical and the beautiful. I hope that our experience is useful to you.