In all exercises on inhalation or exhalation, the mantra OM or AUM is mentally pronounced

There are seven causes of body diseases:

  • daytime sleep
  • waking at night
  • sexual intercourse
  • stay in the crowd
  • unhealthy food
  • urinary retention and defecation
  • debilitating mental operations with prana.

Obstacles in practice:

  • faced with diseases, people who are afraid of them say: the cause of my illnesses is practice
  • doubts about the effectiveness of the practice
  • frivolity or confusion
  • indifference or laziness.
  • sleep
  • attachment to sensory objects
  • mistaken perception or misconception
  • attachment to worldly affairs
  • lack of faith
  • inability to know the truth

1. 10 BASIS OF SPIRITUAL LIFE (Sanatana dharma)

Life without violence. Destruction of false ego, falsehood and self-deception. Stop stealing someone else's. Reasonable self-sufficiency and satisfaction with the present. Abstinence from the energies of passion and ignorance. To cleanse and maintain the purity of the spirit, soul and body. Knowledge, devotion and discipline. To be here and now in every moment of your life. The acceptance of God, the manifestation of love and the dedication of one's good deeds to the universe. Action and retribution. More details ...

2. Rejuvenation and balance of energies (Asanas)

Our body has 72,000 energy centers, which are controlled by 108 energy centers, they are also controlled by 9 energy centers, which are controlled by three main ones - spiritual, mental and physical. In a healthy body, all centers rotate with great speed, providing “prana” to all systems of the human being. When the functioning of one or more of these centers is disrupted, the flow of prana is weakened or blocked and disease and old age occur. The best way to restore health and youth is to give the centers their normal energy characteristics.

3. Disclosure of the universe in itself (OM, AUM) 

The sound of OM is the most sacred sound, symbolizing the highest reality and the universe. Three of its components, AM, symbolize the creation of the universe in goodness, the control of the universe without passion and the destruction of false ego and ignorance on the path to absolute consciousness! OM was the first manifestation of the undetected Creator, giving rise to the perceived Universe, descended from the vibration caused by this sound.

4. The Union of Spirit and Nature (So HAM)

Listen to your quiet breathing, while fixing your attention on the gaps between inhaling and exhaling. Watch these gaps as the doors of the mystery of the universe of OM sound open through them. Regularly practicing WITH HAM, one feels a connection between their internal male and female principles, i.e. feel the union of Spirit and Nature. They acquire inner purity, concentration and peace, which leads to liberation.

5. Equal purification and opening of 9 energy centers (Samavritti)

The application of practice is favorable in the morning at dawn in a secluded atmosphere or by close people in order to increase the power of collective creation. As a result of this practice, we contribute to the purification of consciousness and energy flows, we open the 16-dimensional person of the Creator by opening up both channels of energy centers. Breathing practice concentrates the distribution of the complex of all energies, awakening the original universal energy. And the correct sequence of opening energy centers harmonizes the complex of all universal energies. 

6. The movement of power (Shakti Chalana)

Practice awakens a person’s physical energy at the base of the spine, causing it to move up. To do this, we need to make the vital energy located in the chest and permeating us with the universe move down, connecting in the navel area with the energy in the lower part of our body below the navel, lifting it up to the navel area. Performing this practice defeats passion and allows you to save the seed, directing it and sexual energy up.

7. Absolute consciousness. (Shiva samhita)

"The divine technique is the basis of all spiritual practices." You will become completely indifferent to the world. Obstacles will not exist. You will be freed from rebirth and from the influence of virtue and vice, enjoying the eternal good of absolute consciousness. 

8. The concentration of internal sound. Meditation (Nada)

When the mind is absorbed in this sound, you forget everything external. With this practice you conquer the good, the evil and the indifferent and, being free from all states, it dissolves in the space of consciousness.

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