I confess for a long time there was a desire to build an ecological house in the style of a bunker, but not underground.

Priorities with ecology were selected - 3 hectares of land in the reserve near Anapa. House frame and floor slab with 15 pillars made of reinforced concrete hydro brand foundation. Ceramic block filling. The total weight of the house is about 200 tons. Do not judge strictly, but the house turned out to be autonomous, environmentally friendly, reliable and durable, soundproofed and energy-saving!

So the description:

House - 86 m2 located surrounded by forest, 1.5 km from the village. The site is adjacent to a lake of 2 hectares, a river flows along, a house with all amenities, as well as a second drainage pond of 500 m2 on the site for collecting water. The building has 4 rooms, a bathroom, a sauna, a kitchen, a terrace and a technical room. Doors in all rooms are made of natural solid wood. Entrance doors were made to order from thick metal with insulation. The plaster of the rooms is made in the concept of the author's style.

Two stoves were made by a professional stove-maker trained under Kuznetsov. Septic tank - 4 m3, well 32 m., Stove heating for all rooms and an autonomous power supply system of 2 kW. The building was built of a reinforced monolithic frame of hydro-reinforced concrete grade 300 - 56 m3. Foundation slab, 15 columns and floor slab. Walls made of eco-friendly and energy-saving ceramic blocks Paromax - 2000 pcs. A picturesque area with black soil (1.5 m deep).

The Anapa district has been free of industrial zones due to the children's and health resort since Soviet times. The climate is Mediterranean with three types of beaches 40 km long. Persimmons, figs, grapes without shelter and other heat-loving plants grow here. To the sea 15 km, which allows you to live in the forest separately and relatively close to the necessary infrastructure of Anapa.