The first barrow is integral and the dolmen is inside. The second mound is captured in a photo of the summer period, only the dolmen wall is preserved there. The third mound was completely cleared and all the walls of the dolmen in winter photographs were preserved. Of course, the Scythian mounds built on dolmens played their role of grounding work with dolmens, but two of the three mounds located not casual along one line were opened and interaction with spirits in dolmens was restored.


Near the village of Mramornoye, not far from the stone quarry, there are a couple of dozen dolmens. They are located in a certain sequence along the longitudinal and transverse lines in the direction from the northeast to the southwest and from the southeast to the northwest. A very powerful energetically saturated place. And despite the fact that most dolmens are destroyed, the intersection points of the lines in which they are active to this day. It is worth noting that staying in this area and interacting with dolmens may work as an assembly point.


Simferopol district, village Druzhnoe Mesto surprises with its open spaces and unconditional silence in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Being far from the village there is calm and silence. If you listen to the inner sensation, then this is one of the few places where there is no noise "hum" of the earth and vibrations of energy-information fields. Particular attention should be paid to one of the dolmens located at the very end of the trail near the beam. Being near him you experience a state of poise, goodness and calm.


Cromlech with dolmen on Fiolent.


The only dolmen discovered is located in the area of the village of Ternovka, Sevastopol, above the cave city of Chelter-Marmara. Now an Orthodox monastery is being built there. On the way to the dolmen through the old cave city there will be a path and further along the wooden stairs you will reach the very top to the forester's house.


The name Tash-Koy translates as “stone village”. According to the toponymic dictionary of Sevastopol, a village with that name really was in the Balaklava district in the IV-XX century, one km north of the village of Novobobrovsky. There are many places of power on the Crimean peninsula, but Tash-Koy is one of the oldest. About 20 dolmens can be counted in the meadow, but perhaps there were more, since not all of them were equally well preserved. In a particularly good condition, the 3rd from the beginning of the row - all 4 plates are available.


This place is located a few kilometers west of Inkerman. Once there was the largest location of dolmens, where in the 30s of the 20th century there were about 2,000 dolmens.

Coordinates: 44°36'55.7"N 33°41'39.5"E


The village of Rodnoe, Sevastopol district. A dirt road along the ridge between the mountains of Davulji and Orbaka in one place is accompanied by a whole complex of dolmens. Almost all of them are destroyed. In some places, the walls of dolmens preserved, built (which is interesting) from different rocks. The complex begins with several small half-preserved dolmens on one side of the road and then continues on its other side. The dolmen complex stretched about half a kilometer along the east-west line. Throughout the complex there are dolmens composed of various stone blocks.


Belogorsk district, the village of Petrovo. P

Coordinates: 44°57'41.0"N 34°19'36.0"E


Kutorma, the area was previously called near the village of Krasnaya Sloboda, Belogorsky district. Behind the village towards the foothills there is a rolled dirt road 3 km from the village. About five dolmens are located, two of which are quite well preserved. In one of the dolmens where the pear grew, quite positive energy. In interaction with the dolmen spirits, I got the feeling of the final cycle of work with the whole complex of Crimea dolmens and the final stages of the study of those spiritual issues with which you come to the dolmens. Those.