Lesser Kailash - Himalayas. India Hairakhan (Haidakhan)

The route was laid in the winter of 2019 from the foot of the Kumaon Mount Kailash 2000 m, through the sacred river Gautama Ganga, near a remote village called Hairakhan in the Uttrakhand region in northeastern India. It is recommended to take a guide with you and choose a day time, as many tigers in the evening). The route itself takes 7-9 hours. From the height of Kailash you can see the border with Nepal.

In this place there are three high mountains - Kailash, Siddeshwar and Surya personifying the trinity of spirit, soul and body.

The sacred river Ganges - Himalayas. India (Uttarkashi - Gangotri)

The location of my stay at the source of the Ganges in the winter is an hour's drive from Uttarkashi in front of the village of Jakhol, a landmark behind the village of Aungee, the Ashram Pilot Baba. Drive 10 hours for about 150 km along the serpentines of a mountain road from Rishikesh. The best time to visit the village of Gangotri is summer. From autumn to spring, do not drive, because With snow blockages, the village is cut off from civilization. There still go about 3 hours.

Mount South Elbrus and Baksai Valley

Initially, the task was to study the Baksai valley from the position of the Iraye Garden and the Svarog Valley. But as it turned out, arriving at the place we were led towards Elbrus. The energy of this region of the southwestern slope of Elbrus is closer to the material, physical body. And this is not casual, because The body of Brahman, aka Svarog, is responsible for the first two chakras of the physical body - the Brahma knot, which must be untied and ceased to live in ignorance. Mount Elbrus itself reflects the energies of the ego.

Campaign in the city of Scythian dolmens in the foothills of the Caucasus.

This trip is tied to the theme of Crimean dolmens not by chance, because in the photographs you will see the similarity of the design and construction of dolmens. The only distinguishing feature is a semicircular hole in one of the walls of the dolmens. But on the other hand, the technology of walls, laying, lack of floor and appearance correspond to the Crimean dolmens. This city of 450 dolmens is located in the Krasnodar Territory, Mostovsky District, s. Kizinka. In this area there are Scythian mounds and ancient villages of the Scythians, in the area of ​​st. Brakaevskaya.

Trekking to the Chetovy Vrata (Acheshboki and Thach mountains)

The Chetovy Gate is located in the region of the Caucasus Nature Reserve Between Adygea and the Mostovsky district. It consists of the mountains of the Gods Bolshoi and Malyi Thach, the Chetovy Pass of the Acheshboki pass and the Lagonaki plateau.

Restoration of energy balance in Crimean Shambhala - Boyko Mountain

The route to Mount Boyko and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Wellness trip Arkhyz - Sour Lashtraksky springs

Our route lay from the border zone of the village of Arkhyz of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic through a mountainous area with springs, the river Phish and Arkhyz and mountain passes from 1.5 km to 2.5 km. The first route was from s. Arkhyz to the settlement of Phiya is about 30 km. Further from Phiya to the Sour springs 18 km. And back the same way. The total number of trips was 6 days. One and a half to Sour springs, three days of healing at the sources with a three-day fasting and a half days of the return route. See the map in the photo.


Crimea dolmens play a special role in the movement of energies reflecting the development of the planet. Being in the sacred place of the planet - in Crimea, they close the separation along the Dnieper River of the interaction of material energies on the western side and spiritual energies on the eastern side, thereby balancing the complex of energies bringing the planet and people into harmony.

Священная река Ганга - Гималаи. Индия (Уттаркаши - Ганготри)

Место расположения моего пребывания у истоков Ганги в зимнее время находится в часе езды от Уттаркаши напротив села Джейкхол (Jakhol) ориентир за селом Онджи (Aungee) ашрам Pilot Baba. Ехать 10 часов около 150 км по серпантинам горной дороги от Ришикеши. Лучшее время для посещения села Ганготри – лето. С осени по весну не проехать, т.к. снежными завалами село отрезано от цивилизации. Туда ещё ехать около 3 часов. Река Ганга начинается на участке Гаумукх нижней части ледника Ганготри, в 18—19 км от села.

Выращивание вечнозелёных туй, кедров и кипарисов из семян.

Пожалуй стоит начать с главного - любви к деревьям. Ибо имея любовь и вдохновение, можно c большим удовольствием и терпением проделать этот годовой цикл подготовки и взращивания!

Осенью можно отправиться в путешествие в Крым, Сочи, где на побережье и в Ботаническом саду можно собрать с веток в октябре шишки вечнозелёных деревьев туи, кипариса и кедра. Возможно и в парках вашего города могут быть эти деревья.