Restoration of energy balance in Crimean Shambhala - Boyko Mountain

The route to Mount Boyko and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

We decided to start the route of internal balance from the foot of Mount Sotira, on which there was a monastery of Christ the Savior. It is known that Orthodox monasteries were built in places of power, where Vedic temples were located earlier. Therefore, abstracting from religious egregors, our task was to work out in this route the mental and spiritual body of a person interacting with an external manifestation of himself in the universe. The trail itself consisted of several stages of the energy information field of the local area. The space initially prepared us in stages, starting from the upper spiritual centers, entering into a state of calm and at the same time concentrating, and gradually going to the top in a wonderful and blooming orchard, a state of peace of mind and peace came. Apparently these energies balanced in us, allowed us already in the place of power where the temple was located, to tune in to harmonious interaction with the universe.
This route is indicated on the map by the number 1. Coordinates of the temple N 44 ° 32.838, E 34 ° 01.050

Then it was necessary to work out the physical body and the internal false ego, which often leads humanity into disharmony with nature. To do this, we chose a place of power on Mount Boyko, referred to as the Wasteland at the very top. Initially, in the universe, man, as a manifestation of God, displayed a complete balance of all energies and, accordingly, all the human chakras worked in unison. But now, modern man has lost that knowledge and basically lives exclusively on the physical “animal” manifestation of his feelings and emotions guided by his false ego. Therefore, it is important to initially visit this first route with a spirit and soul manifestation in the universe, tuned to the upper chakras and continue to follow the second route, calmly monitoring the manifestation of your ego in the form of fears, unnecessary emotions, distrust of yourself and people - calmly accepting it is already in a balanced state and letting go. If you swap routes, which usually happens with local tourists, then further Boiko Mountains - where people mostly come to amuse their ego under the guise of spiritual tasks, everything ends.
Particular attention should be paid to a certain place called by the local tourists under the name Runic labyrinth. If you are there at the right time and in a harmonious state, you can feel the spatio-temporal displacement.

There are caves on Boyka - in a steep western slope. According to local legends, the ancients are in them in a state of samadhi in white robes and with crowns on their heads, which sometimes levitate. On the Boyka massif itself, there is the Portal of Time - the labyrinth described above.

Now, how to get there: From the lake in the village of Bogatyr in the Bakhchisaray district located in Crimea, the trail goes up straight towards Boyka. It is indicated by red circles, and white-green stripes. In a couple of hours, at the t-corner intersection on the right will be a half-meter mound of stones. To the left is the temple on Mount Satire through the orchard, followed by a pointer to the right to the Temple.
Returning back to the t-corner intersection, turn right to the starting point of the route, and on the left there is a small path sharply up to Mount Boyko. The trail passes through the forest and further on the top on the right past the runic maze we find ourselves in the wasteland.