BELOGORSK. Krasnoselovka

You can reach the dolmens in Krasnoselovka from the southern outskirts of the village. If you follow the Belogorsk - Privetnoye highway, from the bridge over Tanas you can notice a dirt road leading to the southwest (towards Karabi) and from the same place a path rises steeply up the slope to the west. After a hundred meters of climbing along the trail, you can go to the clearing at a pine landing. Next, you need to go along the clearing to the left for about 50 meters to find dolmens.

The trail leads to the first dolmen, which is in excellent condition. The total number is four. They are installed at a distance of three meters from one another on the line South - North.

Dolmens are located in the form of a systematic complex of 4 dolmens, which are a projection of four mountain peaks located opposite them. Each of the dolmens is located entrance in the direction of the cardinal points. Accordingly, working with a dolmen involves taking into account the significance of each side of the pole, the elements, the phase of the moon and energies:

First: east, air, new moon - spiritual energies

Second: north, water, a young moon - spiritual energies

Third: west, earth, full moon - material energies

Fourth: south, fire, waning moon - material energies

Possible manifestations in contact with the spirits of dolmens - complex purification on the subtle and material planes.

Coordinates: 44°55'34.9"N 34°37'48.9"E