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Drop everything and go on an amazing trip to the waterfalls in Lazarevskoye to discover the stunning upper Mammadov gap! This place cannot leave you indifferent - its unique beauty and grandeur are simply breathtaking.

Your route will start with a dive into a dense forest, where everything is shrouded in a mysterious atmosphere. The songs of birds mix with the noise of the leaves below you, creating a harmonious symphonic concert of nature. Walk along the trail, breathing in the fresh air and plunging into the solitude of the forest paths.

Soon you will reach the river, and this moment will simply take your breath away. Its clear waters breathe life into the surrounding nature, creating a wonderful and relaxing background. Here you can enjoy solitude and immerse yourself in yourself, thanks to the influence of nature and its magic.

But the main event of this tour is waterfalls. They represent an incomparable show of natural beauty, when water falls from a height, forming streams, splashes and water curtains. Their power and energy undoubtedly impress everyone who has the opportunity to watch this grandiose spectacle. This is really a sight not to be missed!

So do not miss this unique opportunity to visit the waterfalls and plunge into the atmosphere of pristine nature. This tour is a real journey into the soul of Russian nature.

The price of the tour is only 2500 rubles. The duration of the route is 2 km to 3 hours. Just contact us via WhatsApp at +79086797327 to book your seat and get more information.

Do not miss the opportunity to spend an unforgettable time with nature and yourself by going to Lazarevskoye upper Mammadov gap!

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