10 km from Alushta and three kilometers from the Alushta-Sudak highway is Mount Malbanyn-Khyry. At its peak and near it are three complexes of dolmens. At the 12th kilometer of the Alushta - Sudak highway, take the dirt road leading towards Demerdzhi.

Do not drive there because all roads are blocked by barriers - this is the territory of the Alushta state hunting farm. On the road going uphill to walk three kilometers, on the way you will meet two pine plantations, through which you will pass and now behind the second pine planting to the left of the road there will be a small but long hill. Dolmens are located on the longitudinal top of the hill - further to the right of the pines. It is on it that the first complex of dolmens is located, which initially consists of four placed in one line. These dolmens can be called thin-walled, unlike many other dolmens, the walls of which are up to 15 cm thick. Such dolmens are located a little higher, on top of the Malbanyn-Khary mountain itself.

There are no covers for these dolmens, but one of the massive dolmen covers is located not far from the second complex, which is located further 20 meters from the first. It is worth remembering that the space of such places has considerable potential, not realized by us, but manifesting in us hidden emotional programs. When visiting such places, remember that the natural state of your soul is harmony.

At the very top of the dolmens location, it is possible to work out with your higher self, but in a state of lack of ego, having tuned in to discovering your destiny.

1 complex - 44°44'42.0"N 34°26'36.9"E
2 complex (top of the mountain Malbanyn-Khary) - 44°44'35.8"N 34°26'48.9"E
3 complex - 44°44'41.2"N 34°26'35.8"E