Mount South Elbrus and Baksai Valley. Trips. Excursions. Tourism

Initially, the task was to study the Baksai valley from the position of the Iraye Garden and the Svarog Valley. But as it turned out, arriving at the place we were led towards Elbrus. The energy of this region of the southwestern slope of Elbrus is closer to the material, physical body. And this is not casual, because The body of Brahman, aka Svarog, is responsible for the first two chakras of the physical body - the Brahma knot, which must be untied and ceased to live in ignorance. Mount Elbrus itself reflects the energies of the ego. Once there with a false ego, you can not return, because the lord of this mountain is the master of the ego. He is Thunder Indra in the Indian epic, Zeus in the Greek epic on Olympus and Perun in the Slavic epic.

We climbed up to 3850 m., Adapted a couple of days. For the first time, a miner covered it, but after spiritual practice - pranayama and chanting of the OM mantra, consciousness recovered. Energy filled the body as if electricity was flowing throughout the body. This is how the gradual awakening of kadalini manifests.

After they moved to the saddle of Elbrus up to 4700 m. Around there are many power lines, a communications tower, trolleys, tracks with diesel exhausts on the way to the summit up to 5100 m. In general, the ecology on the southern route is disturbed.

On the way of thought, sound ones came — all these people conquer the peaks — they are inside us. All the great sadhus meditated in the mountains, not trying to conquer the peaks, amusing the false ego.

Further, the journey continued through the Baksai valley. Sources of recovery Narzan. Swimming in the mountain rivers. Improving ivan with tea, lingonberries, blueberries and of course spiritual practice.

Coordinates: 43°20'41.2"N 42°26'47.4"E