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We invite you to an exciting adventure excursion to Lazarevskoye crab gorge!

This unique place is located in the picturesque edge of Sochi Lazarevskoye, where forests stretch to the sky. You will have an unforgettable walk through the surrounding plants and wild animals that live around.

We will guide you along a wonderful 3 km long route that your whole company can easily overcome. During the trip, you will be able to enjoy the noise of the waterfall, immerse yourself in the dead of the warm river and enjoy the natural beauty of the environment.

The cost of the tour is only $ 25 per person. You will not regret the money you spent, because every minute spent here will be filled with adrenaline and thrills!

To book a place for a tour or get additional information, contact us via WhatsApp: +79086797327. We will answer all your questions and will be happy to help you make your trip truly unforgettable!

Welcome to Lazarevskoye Crab Gorge - a place where nature meets adventure!

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