The village of Rodnoe, Sevastopol district. A dirt road along the ridge between the mountains of Davulji and Orbaka in one place is accompanied by a whole complex of dolmens. Almost all of them are destroyed. In some places, the walls of dolmens preserved, built (which is interesting) from different rocks. The complex begins with several small half-preserved dolmens on one side of the road and then continues on its other side. The dolmen complex stretched about half a kilometer along the east-west line. Throughout the complex there are dolmens composed of various stone blocks. In different dolmens - a different stone with its own characteristics, which is not found in this area. It seems that dolmens were built by different genera, who brought to this place a stone from the area in which they were located.

Coordinates: 44°32'36.7"N 33°48'01.4"E