Not far from Simeiz there is Mount Cat, on it, next to the Yalta Astrophysical Observatory, there are dolmens.
Under the canopy of the relic juniper forest, several dozen dolmens are hiding. This is the largest territory of dolmens in the Crimea, covering an area of ​​about 10 hectares. It dates from 6-2 centuries BC There are about 70 dolmens located alone or in groups. Some of them quite clearly protrude above the ground, some of them are only guessed, others are completely lost among the thickets of shrubs.

A motorway passes through the mountain and near it there is an observation deck (overlooking the sea), where there are stalls with souvenirs. Opposite the observation deck (via the highway) there is an asphalt road going up to the radio tower (or antenna). On it you climb a mountain with half a kilometer and reach the territory surrounded by a fence.
In 10-15 meters, on the left side of this territory, junipers grow and under them there are about 5-7 destroyed dolmens. A little to the side (10-20 meters closer to the sea) is a radio tower (or antenna) - it can be seen from the observation deck.
Dolmens are small in size, slabs from the ground are visible at 30-50 centimeters. Therefore, you can not immediately notice them.
In addition, if you go around the gate (the territory surrounded by the fence) to the right and walk along the fence up to 100-150 meters (the fence will still be on your left), you will see another group of dolmens: some of the dolmens will be on the left of the path, the other on the right her. These dolmens are better preserved: the two dolmens still have upper plates. About 50 meters from these dolmens, a little higher and further along the trail, there is a "radar" (large iron structure).
If you go even further uphill along the path, passing behind the "radar", then after 300 meters you will reach the barrows of stones. They are located to the left of the trail among the trees. Most likely, these are dolmens too. The energy there is very strong.

Possible manifestations in contact with the spirits of dolmens in the energies of love and forgiveness.

Coordinates:  44°24'31"N 33°59'34"E