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The Chetovy Gate is located in the region of the Caucasus Nature Reserve Between Adygea and the Mostovsky district. It consists of the mountains of the Gods Bolshoi and Malyi Thach, the Chetovy Pass of the Acheshboki pass and the Lagonaki plateau.
The total walking route is 63 km. The campaign consisted of two days. The path began with Nikitino along a bear trail. We were accompanied by bears before and at the end of the journey. Went on fresh tracks from 20 to 40 cm of several bears. Apparently God Veles himself led us and gave us strength to overcome such a huge distance in such a short period without incident.

On the first day we covered 30 km. At an altitude of 1800 m, the weather was quite warm. Water was taken from local springs. At the beginning of the path, the forest was deciduous, then gradually turned into a birch-pine and at the end it very much resembled the Crimean landscape from the pines of the Palace and junipers. Of course, canyons and gorges are superior to the Crimean in depth to several hundred meters and energy.

They decided to leave tents for the night in a rather specific place near Mount Chest in the Great Dead Valley. Apparently there were tasks to balance these places, because people rarely stop here because of the giving of the missing monks living here in distant times ... But we felt that the place was waiting for us and met with a beautiful sunset and bluish-purple tones of the sky, filling the whole valley with cosmic energies. We herewith reciprocated. So the energy was quietly shaken up for further lodging for the night and the filling of vital energy and love.

We were awakened by a beautiful sunrise with a view of Elbrus in all its glory. On a clear day, snow was visible on the western side of Elbrus.

After spending the night near the red rock, we went to the valley of the gods. On the way, we met a unique pine tree in an already awakening valley about a hundred meters high and in the upper part having three trees, as if fused exactly one horizontal in the horizontal. True sign of the trinity.

In general, we can say that the campaign was mystical with the elaboration of internal personal and social tasks on the subtle plane.

Having reached the Valley of the Gods through Mount Agigi and having a wonderful view of the Gods Bolshoi and Malyi Thach mountains, the Chetovy Gates Pass and the Laganaki Plateau, we arranged a spiritual practice of harmonization and meditation. Filled with a charge of divine energy and grace, they gratefully moved home to their homeland.

On the way back not far from the Lagonaki plateau on the mountainside, the entrance to the mountains was captured by a white plate of regular artificial shape 8 with grass and hollow burnt around. In general, the area of ​​the Lagonaki plateau is famous for the anomalous phenomena of visiting various plates, so they did not consider it necessary to test the hypothesis and try fate. We decided to return home safe and sound. The elaboration on the subtle plane took place safely, the universe will build the results of the realization of the plan on the material plane in the right order for us.

Coordinates: 43.981700ºN 40.475930ºE