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Join us on a unique tourist trip to India to find inner balance and harmony with yoga classes! We invite you to take an amazing route through the picturesque mountains of the Himalayas and explore the spirituality of the Ganges River.

You will have to go to the village of Rishikesh, located in the heart of India, where you will have the opportunity to meet local sages and gain in-depth knowledge about yoga. After that, we will continue our journey towards the mountain village of Gangotri, located at the headwaters of the Ganga River.

The healing effects of the Ganges have been known for centuries, and many travelers come here to cleanse their body and soul in the sacred water of the river. You will have the opportunity to plunge into its sacred waters and feel the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Throughout the entire route, we will stay in cozy ashrams, where you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere of peace, meditation and contemplation. You will have the opportunity to learn from experienced yoga masters and hone your skills, as well as enjoy unique views of mountain landscapes.

The duration of our route is 15-20 days, during which you will plunge into the ancient culture of India and experience unique moments of recovery, development and self-development. The price for this trip is $1,200, and it does not include airfare and a visa.

Don't miss the opportunity to join us on this unique journey! Contact us via WhatsApp at +79086797327 to get all the additional information and book your seat.

Give yourself the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of yoga and experience a deep disconnection from the daily hustle and bustle. We look forward to seeing you on this amazing adventure in India!

Sights of Gangotri in the summer:
1. Gangnani, 2.500 m., - hot springs
2. Gangotri source of the Ganges to the Gomukh glacier cave at an altitude of 4000 m. A trodden path leads from Gongori to the Gamukh glacier. The path from the village to the glacier stretches uphill and takes about two days. The path is on foot. You can spend the night in the tent town of Bhochbas, 14 kilometers from Gangotri.
3. Nandavan plateau on the opposite side of Tapovan at an altitude of 4450 m
4. Kedartal glacier zero at an altitude of 4780 m, 17 km from Gangotri, along a steep path.
5. The Tapovan Valley is located at an altitude of 4500-4600 meters above the Gangotri Glacier at the foot of Shivling. You can climb to Tapovan by crossing the glacier and climbing half a kilometer up the path, going at an angle of 45 degrees. Rivers flowing down the valley, descending from the peaks of Shivlinka and Meru.

The legend of the sacred river Ganges. (The Story of Viswamitra Rama)

The mighty Himawat, the god of the Himalayas, the keeper of all precious stones and metals, was the father of two daughters, in whose beauty there were no equal on earth. Their mother Mena, wife of Himachala, was the daughter of Mount Meru. The eldest daughter of Mena was called the Ganges, and the youngest was Uma. The gods, wanting to perform sacred rites, appealed to Himachala with a request to let go of their daughter, granting good luck.

Himachala, caring for the welfare of the whole world, gave to the gods Sri Ganga, who cleanses all three worlds, having seen his duty in this. The gods, satisfied, blessed everyone and, together with the Ganges, returned to their cloisters to fulfill their plan. The other daughter of Himachala, Uma, indulged in severe austerities, seeing this as her main wealth. Himachala this virgin, before whom the world was in awe, gave as a wife to Sri Mahadeva, worthy of his daughter. The beautiful daughter of Tsar Himalaya, who once lived on the Virgin Loka, is the wonderful Ganges River, whose sacred waters destroy all sins.

Descent of the Ganges to the earth.

In the city of Ayodhya, the sovereign Bhagiratha from the Solar family Ikshvaku worshiped the Goddess Ganga to restore the lost water to the ocean and went to the foot of Mount Kailash. He took upon himself severe vows and became a hermit. He spent a thousand years in a cave, depriving himself of food and sleep. And finally the Ganga appeared to him in the form of a beautiful maiden. And at that time, the great sacred river flowed along the sky. Ganga asked:
“Why have you been cruelly torturing your flesh for a thousand years?” Name your desires, pious ascetic, and I will fulfill them.
- Oh great Ganga! - exclaimed the ascetic. “My ancestors angered Vishnu, who turned them to ashes with his gaze. And this ashes on a dry ocean floor. Only your waters can wash away their sins.
“I am ready to help you.” But if I direct my waters from heaven to earth, they will collapse with such force that the earth will not withstand the blow. In the entire universe, only one Shiva knows how to protect the earth from the crushing power of my waters.
Bhagiratha respectfully bowed to the Ganges and went to the shiva abode. There he again indulged in the cruel tortures of the flesh in order to gain the mercy of the great ruler. Finally came the many-faced and many-armed Shiva. His arms and legs were decorated with snake bracelets, his neck was blue from the once drunk poison, his unkempt curly hair was disheveled and thick, like an impenetrable jungle.
Shiva promised that he would help the Ganges descend to earth. God and the ascetic king rose high into the mountains and called the Ganges. The Ganges directed its waters from heaven to earth. And Shiva, so that their fall would not damage the earth, set his head up. Ganga tangled in the hair of Shiva and calmly glass on his body into the earth's channel. The waters of the sacred river flowed farther and farther down the earth, finally reached the ocean, filled it, touched the ashes of the sinful ancestors of Vhagiratha and cleansed them. And the happy Bhagiratha returned to his kingdom and ruled there for many years.
Since then, the sacred river Ganges flows through its earthly channel and flows into the ocean to which it returned water.

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