Near the village of Gaspra (Big Yalta) there are several surviving dolmens.
Finding dolmens is quite simple - near the Oreanda-Gaspra road. From the route that you will go after visiting the Swallow’s Nest, you need to get off onto the Solar Path, everywhere along it there is a sign "Solar Path". Go down the stairs. Walk along it for some distance. Go through the tunnel. When you see yellow iron awnings in the form of mushrooms, close to them you need to turn to the side.
Near the aforementioned complex of dolmens, consisting of four chambers, about 300 meters away, almost by the path itself, there is another complex of dolmens, also consisting of four chambers, two of which (medium) are not subject to destruction and have preserved roofs.

The second complex of four dolmens is possible in the manifestation of four bodies: physical, etheric, astral and mental as reflection and work with a possible cleansing of these bodies on the projection of a person.

1. copper kingdom:
- The first dolmen affects the physical body, working with the matter of nucleation. The image of the first chakra is red.
- the second dolmen affects the etheric, working with the life energy of matter on a more subtle plane. The image of the second chakra is orange.
- The third dolmen affects the astral body, working with emotions and fear. The image of the third yellow chakra.
2. The Silver Kingdom:
- the fourth dolmen affects the mental body, working with the energy of love and the balance of the copper and gold kingdom. The image of the fourth, fifth and sixth chakras is green.
With the golden kingdom of the remaining three bodies and chakras of blue, blue and violet, the work will proceed further naturally after clearing the above centers of man.

Coordinates: 44°26'11.0"N 34°06'35.0"E

                      44°26'09.0"N 34°06'45.0"E