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This trip is tied to the theme of Crimean dolmens not by chance, because in the photographs you will see the similarity of the design and construction of dolmens. The only distinguishing feature is a semicircular hole in one of the walls of the dolmens. But on the other hand, the technology of walls, laying, lack of floor and appearance correspond to the Crimean dolmens. This city of 450 dolmens is located in the Krasnodar Territory, Mostovsky District, s. Kizinka. In this area there are Scythian mounds and ancient villages of the Scythians, in the area of ​​st. Brakaevskaya. Apparently a long-standing culture spread to the North Caucasus. It is worth noting that the local space is still quite clean from the effects of artificial egregors introduced by people and images in relation to dolmens.

What is the difference in energy components of these dolmens from the Crimean?

Crimean dolmens are more inclined to work with a collective mind. Caucasian dolmens for example in Gelendzhik - only for individual work. But the local city of dolmens in Kizinka has the opportunity to work in balance, both individually communicating with the spirit of the dolmen who went into eternal meditation, and with the collective mind of the whole group of dolmens.

On the interaction of the Crimean and Caucasian Dolmens.

Crimea itself radiates more feminine energies, soft and material - as if bliss comes from space in Crimea as motherly love. For harmonization, dolmens were installed with a stream of more masculine, stiffer and higher-frequency spiritual energies. Therefore, work in Crimea is possible with dolmens only through awareness and connection to the collective mind.

In the Caucasus, the opposite is true. The Caucasus itself is a stream of hard masculine energies with high spiritual potential. And in order to soften this space, dolmens were installed mainly for 90-95% with a stream of female soft energies, designed for individual interaction and direct contact with the spirit of the departed magician in eternal meditation in dolmen.

And if you look at the map, then the vector in the Crimea is located in a horizontal direction with descending female energies, and the vector of the Caucasus goes vertically with ascending male energies. Thus, they balance each other and have always done it. Therefore, Crimea was destined to again be part of the Russian Federation on the material plane. On the thin plane, this single process of interaction and balancing of the Eurasian continent has been and always will be.

Well, to this journey is attached a photo report on a mountain river with small waterfalls in the Kizinki gorge along the road to the Dolmens and a visit with meditation in a very large and cold cave that goes deep into the universal subconscious ...

Coordinates:  44°14'04.3"N 40°32'05.1"E