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We invite you to a unique excursion to a mysterious and impressive place - the Berendeyev Kingdom in the Lower Mammadov Gap.

The tour route starts in the heart of the natural beauty. From here we will have an exciting journey into the world of stunning waterfalls.

The water flowing down from the high cliffs creates a unique sight, as if flowing from the hands of Queen Berendeya. This beautiful place is shrouded in legends and myths, imbued with the spirit of ancient times. Witness a magical forest in which these jets are heard and magical witchcraft songs are heard.

During the tour, you can enjoy the contemplation of the stunning waterfalls that the whole country is talking about. Their mighty strength and crystal purity attract thousands of travelers every year. Open the door of the Berendeyev Kingdom and plunge into the magical dawn battle of wizards who gather here to strengthen their strength and make their most cherished wishes.

The irresistible beauty of nature combines with the tension and liveliness of the mythical world, creating an unforgettable experience for every traveler. You will have the opportunity to feel a whiff of adventure, inspiration and magic.

We will be glad to spend this sightseeing trip with you and share our knowledge about the amazing Berendeyev Kingdom. Join us and leave a mark on the history of this wonderful place.

Book a tour now by phone +79086797327 WhatsApp. The cost is 25 dollars

Hurry up! The Berendeyev Kingdom is waiting for you!

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