The name Tash-Koy translates as “stone village”. According to the toponymic dictionary of Sevastopol, a village with that name really was in the Balaklava district in the IV-XX century, one km north of the village of Novobobrovsky. There are many places of power on the Crimean peninsula, but Tash-Koy is one of the oldest. About 20 dolmens can be counted in the meadow, but perhaps there were more, since not all of them were equally well preserved. In a particularly good condition, the 3rd from the beginning of the row - all 4 plates are available.
Getting there: In with. Novoborovka runs a bus from Sevastopol, from the 5th km. (5km. - Advanced). The desired object is located just 1 km north of the village. From the bus stop continue to the left. We cross the riverbed of the river. Baga (in the summer it dries up), then we go along a rural street. On the gates of one of the houses its name is written - Emerald Street. The next landmark is a large barn. He should stay on your left. The road begins to climb uphill. This is a wide 2-track dirt track. She goes around a small landing, then a mirror of a small pond appears on the left (unsuitable for swimming). There is a water intake right from the road, from which a pipe stretches. She, like a pond, remains on her left hand. The road again dives under the canopy, then crosses a small stream, almost dry in the summer. At this point, the road makes a turn of more than 90 0. The climb is getting steeper. Finally, we rise to the fork in the oak. The right of the roads goes into the forest. The left is ours. She climbs the slope to a vast treeless meadow. Here we will be careful, the desired object is easy to slip through, since the dolmens are completely invisible from the road. To the left of the road are clearly visible two stones similar to small menhirs, about 60-70 cm high. They are located within the sanctuary. The main object, a few meters higher, behind the thick "curtain" of trees. By the way, if you, moving along the road, come up to a wide sloping limestone exit, reminiscent of a ram's forehead or a long shaft, you know, you have already slipped by. Go back to the fork and search again. Tash-koi is located to the left of the road.

Possible manifestations in contact with the collective spirit of dolmens questions regarding relationships at the family level, friendship, love and co-creation.

Coordinates: 44°30'30"N 33°50'57"E

                      44°30'36"N 33°50'38"E