Dolmen is located in the courtyard of house number 101 on the street. Gowena in Simferopol. Earlier, a metal door was installed at the entrance of the dolmen.

In the 60s there was a small museum. It was the workers of this museum who initiated the delivery of this dolmen from the territory of the Kerch Peninsula to Simferopol. There it was disassembled and, being delivered to Simferopol, assembled to the nearest centimeter. All the slabs were fitted, the mound was made of the same stones that were around it in the place from which it was taken, and a protective monument was placed near the dolmen - a cast-iron board on a concrete pillar with the inscription "State-guarded". The museum was then closed, and the dolmen remained.

Coordinates: 44°54'53.4"N 34°05'22.5"E