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The route was laid in the winter of 2019 from the foot of the Kumaon Mount Kailash 2000 m, through the sacred river Gautama Ganga, near a remote village called Hairakhan in the Uttrakhand region in northeastern India. It is recommended to take a guide with you and choose a day time, as many tigers in the evening). The route itself takes 7-9 hours. From the height of Kailash you can see the border with Nepal.

In this place there are three high mountains - Kailash, Siddeshwar and Surya personifying the trinity of spirit, soul and body.

At the foot of the small Kailash, the Babaji ashram (Mahavatar Babaji - avatar of Shiva) of nine temples on the banks of the river gorge, which is called the local Ganges, was founded. There are two fonts in the river.

In September 1970, Babaji climbed to the top of Mount Kailash and sat there, without changing his posture, not moving, not performing exercises, not eating or talking to anyone, for forty-five days.

Babaji speaks of the ashram: “The case of God Visnu gave this place the name Herahan. Vishnu was embodied as Haya Griva (horse-headed) because the demon with a horse face had a gift, thanks to which he could be killed only by a creature with the same face. Vishnu took this form and killed the demon. It happened here, so the place became known as Haya Griva Khand (khand means locality or place). Over time, the name was transformed into Heyrakhand or Herahan. The first Manu performed the first yagya here, and the last Manu performed the yagya on the Tibetan Kailash. And here Shiva and Parvatti, the daughter of the Himalayas, came to live. Shiva always remains here with the Gods, as with his courtiers and servants, and plays his divine game. Asana of Shiva is the top of Mount Kailash, and the ancient cave below is the divine place of austerities * of Shiva. The original havan kund (the place of the sacred fire) is still here in Kailash, as are the signs of the original Mansarovar lake. It was here, on Siddheshwar, the peak following Mount Kailash, that God Vishnu performed an austerity. When Shiva was on Kailash and Vishnu on Siddheshwar, the great Rishi Gautama came here, also for performing austerities. ”

Mountain coordinates: 29°16'16.4"N 79°39'00.6"E