The waterfall is sparkling. Tkhagapsh Sochi. Trips. Excursions. Tourism

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary beauty of nature during an exciting tour of the Lazarevsky district, the magical waterfall of the village of Thagapsh!

On this amazing route, we invite you to experience the full power and majesty of nature. The first place we will visit is a magical waterfall. From its height, the falling water creates stunning views and fills the air with magical scents. There will be an opportunity to sunbathe on the benches for a couple of minutes, take pictures in front of him and even try refreshing water.

Waterfalls Mamedov Shchel Sochi. Trips. Excursions. Tourism

Drop everything and go on an amazing trip to the waterfalls in Lazarevskoye to discover the stunning upper Mammadov gap! This place cannot leave you indifferent - its unique beauty and grandeur are simply breathtaking.

Your route will start with a dive into a dense forest, where everything is shrouded in a mysterious atmosphere. The songs of birds mix with the noise of the leaves below you, creating a harmonious symphonic concert of nature. Walk along the trail, breathing in the fresh air and plunging into the solitude of the forest paths.

Waterfalls and dolmen Berendeyevo kingdom Sochi. Trips. Excursions. Tourism

We invite you to a unique excursion to a mysterious and impressive place - the Berendeyev Kingdom in the Lower Mammadov Gap.

The tour route starts in the heart of the natural beauty. From here we will have an exciting journey into the world of stunning waterfalls.

The water flowing down from the high cliffs creates a unique sight, as if flowing from the hands of Queen Berendeya. This beautiful place is shrouded in legends and myths, imbued with the spirit of ancient times. Witness a magical forest in which these jets are heard and magical witchcraft songs are heard.

Waterfalls Crab Gorge Sochi. Trips. Excursions. Tourism

We invite you to an exciting adventure excursion to Lazarevskoye crab gorge!

This unique place is located in the picturesque edge of Sochi Lazarevskoye, where forests stretch to the sky. You will have an unforgettable walk through the surrounding plants and wild animals that live around.

We will guide you along a wonderful 3 km long route that your whole company can easily overcome. During the trip, you will be able to enjoy the noise of the waterfall, immerse yourself in the dead of the warm river and enjoy the natural beauty of the environment.