BELOGORSK. Krasnoselovka

You can reach the dolmens in Krasnoselovka from the southern outskirts of the village. If you follow the Belogorsk - Privetnoye highway, from the bridge over Tanas you can notice a dirt road leading to the southwest (towards Karabi) and from the same place a path rises steeply up the slope to the west. After a hundred meters of climbing along the trail, you can go to the clearing at a pine landing. Next, you need to go along the clearing to the left for about 50 meters to find dolmens.

Autonomous log house

The house was created to make dreams of living in an environmentally friendly and natural home a reality. In this case, the task was to build the most economical and with a minimum of waste. Therefore, the timber was prepared according to the principle of permaculture within a radius of 30 km, all the wooden parts — timber, logs, rafters — were made on the sawmill, and even a fence was made from the remains.

Plant nutrition

Everyone needs to eat, how to breathe air.

Have you thought about the fact that air and water, land and food, clean and pristine, can only be useful to us. When we pollute the air with exhaust gases or pour chemistry into rivers, all this is returned to the earth through the products grown in it, which nourish our flesh. And if we keep the planet clean, then our body comes clean. Everything in our world is so arranged by the Creator that food is in abundance for all people. And the mechanism of its extraction is unique.

Энергия Любви

Как много уже всего сказано  об этой великой энергии прекрасных слов. Понять всю красоту не испытав подобного  - словно лицезреть на ароматный и красивый плод на дереве, но так и не вкусив его. Ведь состояние любви словами невозможно описать, но ощутить, возможно, лишь в мгновениях прекрасных вдохновлённой жизни человека.

Но здесь же речь пойдёт о формах проявления любви, основанных на девяти энергоцентрах человека, которые в нас выражены в трёх состояниях – физическом, душевном и духовном.  

Уверенность в себе.

В жизни человечество стремится обрести уверенность в себе для достижения своих целей. С самого детства система делает всё, что-бы уверенность в нас со школы не имела значения, т.к. обществу нужны покорные люди для удобства в управлении.


MOLBAY VALLEY. (Bee village)


The cordon Lesnikovo (Bakhchisarai district) has only two dolmens, only one of which has two plates. It is composed of thick massive limestone slabs and has dimensions of 2.5x2 m. Vertical grooves about 2 cm deep are made on the inner walls of the longitudinal slabs. Transverse slabs were inserted into these grooves. The narrowing of the grooves from 18 cm in the upper part to 17 cm in the lower part ensured jamming of the inserted plate and thereby added strength to the structure.


The upper reaches of the Alimova beam, the ravines of the Right and Left Kacznice and the plateau between them are a huge complex of dolmens. The complex consists of a karst fault in the rock at the junction of the ravines of Kacnage and Alimova Balka, and a huge terraced dolmen complex on all adjacent plateaus. The total radius of the complex is 1-2 kilometers. In the area of ​​tourist camp "Alimova Balka". The dolmens of the Alimova beam are several dozen excavated dolmens and a hundred stone mounds.


10 km from Alushta and three kilometers from the Alushta-Sudak highway is Mount Malbanyn-Khyry. At its peak and near it are three complexes of dolmens. At the 12th kilometer of the Alushta - Sudak highway, take the dirt road leading towards Demerdzhi. Do not drive there because all roads are blocked by barriers - this is the territory of the Alushta state hunting farm.